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MT4 Multi Account Manager (MAM)

Multi Account Manager (MAM) offers a unique solution for professional traders who need to manage multiple accounts both simultaneously and efficiently.

Managing multiple accounts has never been easier!

MAM is powered by the MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal. It is intended for:

Managing a set of trading accounts

Performing trading operations

Controlling and handling open positions and pending orders

Receiving quotes and news

Features and Benefits:

MAM offers unique features that make working with multiple accounts simple and intuitive:

  • The MultiTerminal connects several accounts for easy management.
  • When sending a request to open a position, the position is opened immediately on all accounts connected to the MultiTerminal.
  • The volume of positions for each account is automatically calculated based on the given rules.
  • The Trader can see detailed statistics and has full control over trading transactions on every account connected to the MultiTerminal.

Allocation of Capital

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal provides 5 methods of money allocation:

Predefined volume —

the predefined volume will be used for placing orders. It will be necessary to specify manually the lots amount for each order by double-clicking in the "Volume" field, later this predefined volume will apply for placing orders.

Total volume for each order —

the total volume will be used for placing each order (LAMM - lot allocation management module).

Equal parts —

the total volume will be allocated among all orders in equal parts.

On equity ratio —

the total volume will be allocated among orders according to the accounts total equity ratio.

On free margin ratio —

the total volume will be allocated among orders according to the account's free margin ratio.

For more details you can refer to the MultiTerminal User Guide (F1)

Simultaneous use of MAM and the FXTM Partners’ Introducer program opens up new opportunities for partners and professional money managers.

MAM is the most efficient solution for managing all your trading accounts!

Download the MT4 MultiTerminal today and test it on DEMO Accounts for FREE