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Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.

Your chance to win the grand prize of a TESLA MODEL X + a monthly prize of an iPhone X!

Ready to get behind the wheel of fortune?

Join FXTM’s Wheel of Fortune Raffle Contest and find out just how lucky you are! From July to September, FXTM’s traders will be able to get two raffle tickets – a Monthly Raffle Ticket & Grand Finale Raffle Ticket – for every deposit of $500 they make!*

With a Monthly Raffle Ticket, one lucky trader stands a chance of walking away with a shiny new iPhone X in each round. There are three chances to win!

For every $500 deposit you make, you get an extra Monthly Raffle Ticket and an extra Grand Finale Ticket!

Ready to get behind the wheel of fortune?

Monthly prizes per round: 
A brand-new iPhone X

Grand Finale prizes:




2nd – iPhone X

Apple Watch

3rd - 5th – Apple Watch

Monthly winners are announced after each round ends!

Ready to get behind the wheel of fortune?

During each round of the Raffle Contest, there will be a surprise Bonus Period where each deposit of $1000 gets traders twice the amount of tickets!

The Bonus Period can occur at any given time during the month, can last up to 3 full days, and will be announced on the day it gets activated – so make sure to watch this space!

What does the Grand Finale RaffleTicket get you in October?

A chance to win a TESLA MODEL X:
“The safest, quickest, most capable sport utility vehicle ever”**

round 1

Monthly Raffle

Contest Period:
02.07 - 31.07

round 2

Monthly Raffle

Contest Period:
01.08 - 31.08

round 3

Monthly Raffle

Contest Period:
01.09 - 30.09

round 4

Grand Finale

Contest Period:
01.10 - 31.10


How to get your lucky tickets:


1. Register with FXTM


2. Read and Accept T&Cs


3. Make a deposit of - at least – $500*


4. Trade 5 lots or more!


*Please read the full details in the contest’s Terms and Conditions

**As quoted on the official site.

Please note for the 4th and last round, eligible deposits will only generate 1 ticket for the Grand Finale Raffle.