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Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.

TRADING Signal Subscribers

Copying signals from other traders and following their trading approach is an innovative new way to trade forex. Our Copy Trading service enables every trader, even those without any experience in the industry, to start trading and take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits.

The ForexTime Copy Trading service has access to a wide variety of trading signals which you can choose from. Whatever your investment appetite and level of risk you will be able to find an appropriate signal to subscribe to in just a few clicks. Once you make a subscription, every position your provider opens is automatically opened in your account as well. You can check for yourself, all signals are monitored and you can view detailed statistics and trading history to choose accordingly.

Trading forex is all about flexibility. Let the experts do the work while you reap the benefits!

Step by step tutorial on how to become a Trading Signal Subscriber

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  • Subscription is fast and simple
  • Automatic execution of trades
  • Detailed statistics and charts on every account
  • Highly flexible and customizable service
  • Free VPS service for clients’ convenience
  • Minimal user participation

There is no commission charged from the Subscriber's traded volume.

Become a Trading Signal Subscriber in 5 simple steps:


Register with FXTM and wait for approval


Fund your account


Download the MetaTrader terminal


Find the most consistently successful signals


Set up your own orders and subscribe!

FXTM does not charge additional commission for traders that want to become Signal Subscribers. The only payment is made to the Trading Signal Provider as a monthly or weekly recurring fee. Subscribers also have access to a variety of signals that are free of charge!

Top Free Trading Signals

Signal NameGrowthSubscribersWeeksTradesWinProfit FactorMax DD
MenjadiTrader PAMM 14484247%21595169861%1.0019%Subscribe
Xedj BG567%1088165185%1.0072%Subscribe
LVIK Forex Commo11%2097124359%1.007%Subscribe
Hope dies last217%512875041%1.0069%Subscribe
Positive Interest Swing Trade30%34721265%1.0064%Subscribe
Syscout Pairs-5%19295440%0.0025%Subscribe
LVIK CAC40 system-45%19779258%0.0048%Subscribe
Trizfx 8s0%0000%0.000%Subscribe
FGT4 M Saipul0%01500%0.0091%Subscribe
FGT4 Nur Ariyanti0%01500%0.0091%Subscribe
FGT4 Paramitha Dewanti-1%0120%0.0096%Subscribe
S and D real study signal-12%0657128%0.0029%Subscribe
RI 1945-28%074575%0.0099%Subscribe
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